Breatheolution: The Transformative Power of Respiratory Health and Cold Water Therapy with Kevin O’Neill

Anna first met Kevin Oneil during a Frontier Risk SMRC course last year, where he was guiding students through ice bath immersion. This initial encounter sparked Anna’s curiosity about Kevin’s work, leading to an enlightening conversation.

Kevin’s Journey

Kevin, the founder of Breatheolution, established in 2020, is a highly qualified cold water therapist and respiratory health coach. He is certified as a Buteyko instructor and an Oxygen Advantage instructor. Over the past four years, he has worked with over 3,000 individuals in various settings.

Once a sceptic and not practising any form of mindfulness, Kevin openly shares the life experiences that led him down this path. He candidly discusses his struggles with addictions and the loss of his sister, revealing how he used alcohol as a coping mechanism.

“Ditching alcohol changed my life,” he says. This decision led Kevin to practice breathwork, an event he describes as life-changing. It sparked his fascination with how human biochemistry can be altered in as few as 10 breaths—a method advocated by Wim Hof and now practised worldwide.

Cold Water Immersion and Breathwork

The conversation explores the physiological responses to cold water immersion and the role of controlled breathing in managing them, fostering resilience and a connection between mind and body. Kevin advises that cold water may not be suitable for everyone. He suggests that if you want to try, start by turning the shower to cold at the end and allowing your body to acclimatise naturally.

Some individuals with past traumas may find it challenging to engage in these practices. Kevin advises approaching with caution. He recommends starting with long, slow, and deep breaths, identifying inward and outward breaths, and connecting the mind to the body.

Mental Health Awareness

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, the discussion also covered mental health on a broader scale. Kevin emphasises the importance of understanding human conditions, habits, and reactions. He believes that there is much more to improving mental health than just medication. While there is a place for medication, alternative therapies should be considered first. Activities like getting out in nature and connecting with our bodies can be life-changing and even life-saving.

Kevin draws inspiration from evolutionary principles, which prioritise oxygen, nutrition, and movement for human equilibrium. “If you perfected just those three things, you would find equilibrium or balance as a human quicker,” he states.

Through mindful breathing and connection with the body, Kevin envisions a path toward balance and vitality, offering hope amidst today’s fast-paced world.

Throughout the conversation, Kevin’s passion for his work shines through, evident in his candid discussion of life struggles and vulnerabilities. His genuine willingness to share his experiences and support others is a true inspiration. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration with Kevin, embracing the transformative journey to holistic well-being.

To hear the full conversation you can find the link on our LinkedIn.