Warning: Scam Letters Impersonating Companies House

Business owners, beware! Scammers are sending fake letters pretending to be from Companies House, asking for a £48 payment for “enhanced web filing access.”

Key Points to Remember:

  • No Fee for Web Filing:
    Companies House does not charge for setting up web filing accounts. These accounts come with multi-factor authentication and the ability to authorise people to file for companies digitally.
  • Fake Letters:
    The fraudulent letters, with the Companies House logo and Cardiff address, look genuine. They include an eight-digit payment code and claim an urgent need for payment.
  • Red Flags:
    The scammers ask for an immediate £48 payment to HMRC via a short URL or QR code. Remember, government bodies do not use shortened URLs for payments.
  • Do Not Open:
    Never open the short URL or QR code in these letters. They are phishing attacks that can infect your computer with viruses.
  • False Threats:
    The letter warns that companies failing to pay will be struck off the register, which is not true. It also falsely promises a confirmation letter once payment is processed.
  • Ignore and Verify:
    If you receive such a letter, do not follow its instructions. Always verify any payment requests by contacting Companies House directly through official channels.

If you have any concerns, we highly recommend you to reach out to Companies House and confirm the legitimacy of any communication.

Reporting scams pretending to be from Companies House – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)