Navigating Student Loan Repayments

Our team recently discussed student loan repayments. Many UK individuals have been overpaying on their loans. As the payment is automatically deducted from an individual’s wage, many often don’t even realise it!

It was found that individuals overpaid due to 4 factors:

  1. Individuals repaid loans despite not earning enough in the tax year,
  2. Individuals were on the wrong student loan payment plan.
  3. There were cases where money continued to be deducted even after the loan was fully repaid.
  4. Also, some people accidentally started repaying their loans too early. This added to the issue’s complexity.

Below we share information about what you should do to check you are not overpaying on your student loan.

  • Regularly Review Your Statements: Create a habit of regularly reviewing your statements. This will ensure that you always know your remaining balance. You will also know of any upcoming repayments.
  • Notify the Student Loans Company: These changes include job shifts or income adjustments. They will use this information to set your repayments correctly.
  • Stay informed about the end date for repayment: Mark it on your calendar to avoid oversights.

Linked below is the government’s end-of-loan scheme page. It will help you avoid overpayments. Also, we have provided a link to the money-saving expert website. Martin Lewis offers a detailed video about the topic.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us today!

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