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When obtaining a loan or a mortgage, working abroad or being self-employed can make the process slightly more complicated; however it doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you are prepared.

Quite often we receive calls from clients on the day that they are going to see their mortgage advisor or bank to see if there is anything we can do. Yes there is; however the best practice would be to call us when you are considering obtaining a mortgage. This gives us time to look into your accounts and advise you on the best way to approach the application.

When you tell a mortgage advisor that you are working abroad or are self-employed they will usually ask for a statement of earnings from your accountant and a copy of your SA302’s for the last three tax years.

What is an SA302?

An SA302 is basically your tax calculation from your submitted tax return. You can only get SA302’s for tax years that you have had a tax return submitted for. We will be able to request your SA302 from HMRC; this can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered however. The SA302 from HMRC will include your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) Number. See the  SA302 page on the HMRC website by following this link –  Click here…

Whittaker & Co will be able to provide a statement of earnings for the relevant tax years and for self-employed clients we will be able to provide sets of accounts.

If you are considering going for a mortgage please feel free to contact us for further information.

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