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As many of our clients are ex-Armed Forces personnel we have received a number of enquiries regarding claiming tax back due to expenses in the Armed Forces.

We have reviewed the process of claiming mileage, as a number of issues have been raised.
The main problem is HMRC have strict rules for allowing a claim. We are aware that there are other Accountants out there who are processing mileage claims without completing the necessary checks. We wouldn’t want to process a mileage claim and it be successful, but then in 18 months’ time HMRC ask for the money back!
Please note you can only claim back for the previous 4 tax years anything before this cannot be claimed for.

For Whittaker & Co to proceed with your claim for mileage expenses we would require the following:

1. Your complete postings history.
2. The location of your permanent workplace and whether you work in a defined geographical area.
3. Confirmation that the claim does not relate to travel between home and a permanent workplace.
4.  The details of the amount of any contribution that your employer makes towards your mileage costs. If you were in receipt of any allowances, for example, ‘Home to Duty’ or ‘Get You Home’ Fuel Allowance.
5. The amount of mileage you wish to claim for.

HMRC will also state that you cannot claim mileage allowance for ordinary commuting, i.e. home to your permanent workplace. HMRC see a permanent workplace if the employee has spent 40% or more of their working time at that workplace over a continuous period that lasts more than 24 months. A period of work can remain continuous even where there is a break in attendance, for example, because of overseas postings.
If you believe that you have the above information and believe that you have not received the expenses you should of please contact us and we will look to go ahead with your claim.
If a claim is made and HMRC investigate that claim and you are unable to provide the above information then you will have to repay your claim plus interest and penalties.
Another expense claim can be made on in on Uniform Laundry.

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