Maritime Industry

If you work in the Maritime Industry or are considering going to work at sea then please get in touch to see how we can assist with your tax situation.

Specialist Maritime Accountants

Many of our clients work in the maritime industry. From the security industry onboard vessels to cruise liner staff.

With the rise in piracy in 2010, we saw a massive amount of security contractors moving from land-based operations to protecting vessels.

If you are working in the Maritime Security Industry Whittaker & Co will be able to assist and advise you with your tax.

The tax regulations for the Maritime Industry are different to land-based contractors and Whittaker & Co started to manage accounts for Maritime Security Contractors.

We have visited the main hubs, Muscat, Fujairah, Dubai and Sri Lanka to meet up with contractors and found again that many individuals were not notifying HMRC of their situation.

Working on moving vessels can have varying tax implications. Also, your employment status and the type of vessel you are working on can impact on how much tax you pay from your salary. We have Maritime Security Operatives (MSO’s), medics, divers, engineers, yacht and even cruise liner employees all as maritime clients.


Our clients work all over the world in different time zones; therefore, we understand that good customer service is very important. We pride ourselves in responding to our clients efficiently and with clear and understandable responses.

Whittaker & Co also attend Maritime Security training courses across the UK. We provide free tax briefs to make new-comers to the Maritime Security Industry aware of their tax responsibilities when their new career begins.

If you are a training provider and would be interested in Whittaker & Co providing a FREE tax brief on your course please email or call 01686 610662.

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