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A brief history…

Read a brief history of Whittaker and Co Accountants…

Our history started in 2004, W&Co has since grown to manage accounts for clients working in various professional industries. The company was founded by Anna Cooperwhite as her husband worked abroad and they were unable to find any help on their particular financial situation. After some research and finding many more ex-Armed Forces personnel in exactly the same position Anna came to a conclusion and as a result, Whittaker & Co was born. As professional trends have changed over the years for ex-Armed Forces personnel, so has Whittaker and Co.

Whittaker & Co are able to offer bespoke tax and account advice in relation to these industries;

Any level of security in the UK, abroad or offshore.

With the careers of people working in this industry being shorter, being tax efficient is key.

Offshore workers on oil or gas installations, UK and abroad.

Working in the UK, abroad or offshore

Offering tax advice and accountancy to the bold and beautiful.

Bespoke advice for divers working in UK waters or abroad.

Offering advice on CIS, self-employment or Limited companies.

We give advice to those who have a portfolio of properties and how to manage their tax efficiently.

Whittaker & Co are able to offer bespoke advice in relation to tax-free earnings if you work abroad. We have specialists in Non-residency and Seafarers Earnings Deductions. We are able to advise you throughout the year to ensure that you meet the qualification criteria for tax-free earnings.

UK Based Clients.

If you work in the UK we have accountants who specialise in dealing with your self-employment or Limited Company. And we will help you be as tax efficient as possible.

Child Support Agency (CSA) or Child Maintenance Service (CMS)

We have in our team a specialist who can deal with your CSA or CMS claim. If you are going through the very difficult period of Divorce or separation with children involved; W&Co will offer you support and advice in relation to your claim and your accounts.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients. Within our team, we have vast experience of dealing with the frustrations and concerns common to all businesses and individuals. We all share a common enthusiasm to deliver a personal, high-quality service. And we all have individual niche areas of specialism and wide-ranging experience.
Our range of services and resources allow us to meet our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently, often exceeding expectations.

At Whittaker & Co we like to offer you a personal service and unlike other Accountants we like to remain in contact with our clients throughout the year to ensure there are no nasty surprises when dealing with the Taxman! As a result, we understand that it can be a daunting task when dealing with your own tax for the first time. Consequently, our specialists always try to provide our clients with the information they require in plain English.

Over many years we have learnt that HMRC are not the most straightforward in the information they provide. For example, the rules on Non-residency is 101 pages long! We aim to cut though the jargon and supply you with simple, honest advice. Therefore, you retain as much of the money you have worked hard to earn.

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